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Easter GiftsIs this your first time here?

We want you to be comfortable at St. John’s, so we have created this page to answer some of the questions you might have.

What happens during the service?

When you arrive, please feel free to sign our guest book near the front of the church.

Our 10:30 service of Holy Eucharist begins with a prelude and a processional hymn. The priest greets the people and we ask God to open our hearts.

During the service, there is a reading from The Old Testament, the Psalm, a reading from The New Testament, the Sequence Hymn, and a reading from the Gospels. The priest preaches a sermon based on the day’s readings, and then we proclaim our faith in the words of the Nicene Creed.

We pray for the world, the church, our families, our friends, and offer out thanksgiving to God for the gifts he has given us. We ask God’s forgiveness for our sins, present our offerings at the altar, and greet each other with the Peace of the Lord. After the Offertory, we sing the Great Thanksgiving, the Sanctus, and the Lord’s Prayer. The priest breaks the bread and we sing the Fraction Anthem.

The priest and those at the altar receive Communion, both bread and wine, then the congregation comes to the altar to receive Communion.

After the Post-Communion Prayer and a closing hymn, the priest dismisses the congregation. There is a postlude, then we leave the nave. Everyone is welcome to join us for coffee hour after the service, along with any other scheduled activities.

About Communion

ALL are invited to come forward to receive Communion.

What are these books for?

When you enter the church, the usher will give you a bulletin, containing the Order of Service. At the pew, you will find two books in a rack on the back of the one in front of you. One of them is The Book of Common Prayer, and the other one is the hymnal. The Book of Common Prayer contains the services of the Episcopal Church. The Order of Service will give you the page numbers of the service in the prayer book. — Adapted from Trinity Episcopal Church, Milford Massachusetts

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