Directions and Parking

Bird's eye view of Beacon Hill, Boston Here is a map  with directions to  St.  John’s. Please see the MBTA site for subway information.

St.  John’s is a five-minute walk from Government Center Station  (Green and Blue Lines)  or Park Street Station (Green and Red Lines),  and a ten minute walk from Charles/MGH (Red Line), State (Orange Line), or North Station (Green and Orange Lines).

Parking Suggestions

Disclaimer:  The following information is based on personal observation. No guarantees made or liability assumed!

Center Plaza Parking Garage

Vehicle entrance on Somerset Street  (off Cambridge Street one block from Bowdoin Street). This is the garage on the left as you drive up the hill. $12 weekday evenings (after 4 p.m.) and all day Saturday or Sunday. They take MC/Visa/Amex.

Saltonstall Parking Garage

This is the garage on the right as you drive up the hill. Vehicle entrance on Somerset Street  (off Cambridge Street 1 block from Bowdoin Street). $10 weekday evenings (after 5pm),  and all day Saturday or Sunday.  Pay before you leave at the lobby inside;  sometimes you have to hunt around to find the attendant.

Bowdoin Street

The “No Parking” spaces directly in front of the church are not generally ticketed on Sundays and holidays  (e.g. Christmas). These spaces may need to be reserved on specific occasions,  such as weddings and funerals.  Please do not obstruct the wheelchair curb cut,  or take the single handicap space in front of the Mission House unless you have a handicap plate or placard. There are metered spots on Bowdoin Street on both sides:

Those on the church (west) side of Bowdoin Street are not ticketed on Sundays and holidays. Weekdays and Saturdays 8-6 the meters are enforced — $1/hour for maximum two hours per feed, quarters only. Evenings, these spaces are marked for Beacon Hill residents only — $40 ticket.  With the completion of the Bowdoin Place condominiums, parking spaces are once more available on the opposite (east) side of Bowdoin Street.  Meters are in effect Mon-Sat 8 AM-8 PM, $1/hr for maximum 2 hours, quarters only.  Evenings,  weekends,  and holidays are free;  no resident sticker required — and are therefore,  rarely open.

The “General Court” spaces uphill from the church are not ticketed on Saturday,  Sunday,  or weekday evenings.

Beacon Hill

Look for “General Court” spaces along Derne,  upper Hancock,  and Mt. Vernon streets after hours,  Sundays,  and when the legislature is not in session.  Except for Sunday,  most other spaces reserved for Beacon Hill resident stickers.

Government Center

Some metered spaces along Cambridge Street and New Chardon Street. The meters are off all day Sunday, weekday evenings and Saturday evening. These spaces tend to fill up quickly before TD Banknorth Garden events — Bruins and Celtics games,  Ice Capades,  circus, etc.

There are a number of “No parking” spaces on New Chardon street after the parking meters end on the west side of the street (that is, on the right if you are driving up the hill towards the church). This area does not seem to be ticketed on Sundays.

Cambridge Street

There are several loading zone spots on the south side of Cambridge Street (near Dunkin Donuts at the Bowdoin St. corner) that are up for grabs starting at 7pm.

Special Events

Parking can be very tight during big TD Banknorth Garden events, and charity walks and other rallies can squeeze parking on Sundays.  Check the TD Banknorth Garden calendar and the  City of Boston calendar.

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