Clergy and Staff

Palm Sunday

The Rev. Dr. Katharine C. Black
Priest in Charge

Loren Gary and Louis Tsien

Hank Anderson

Jeffrey Seamans

Carole-Jean Smith
Parish Historian

Diane Simpson
Parish Secretary


Class of 2014: Stephanie Harnois
Class of 2014: Ann Page Stecker

Class of 2015: DJ Hatfield
Class of 2015: Valrie Harris

Class of 2016: B J Mundenchira
Class of 2016: Katharine Kane

Delegates/Diocesan Convention
Katharine Kane and Jeffrey Seamans
Dan Cronin — Alternate

Deanery Representatives
Marisa Egerstrom
Dr. Molly Clark
Bob Greiner

Nominating Committee
Wardens and Priest
Lorraine Dee
Molly Clark
Libby Black

Episcopal City Mission Representative
Marisa Egerstrom

Contact Us
Phone: 1-617-227-5242
Fax: 1-617-227-5243

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