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Easter FlowersOur sincere welcome has been a proud part of our heritage from our inception.

St. John’s, from its earliest days, has ministered to the variety of people in the neighborhood, and from afar, ranging in early days to freed African slaves, later to show girls from Scollay Square, and to many others. This sincere welcome has been a proud part of our heritage from our inception.

We have welcomed categories of people made unwelcome in some churches and in some societies:  the poor,  the hungry,  gay and lesbians,  those with AIDS,  women seeking ordination,  and the homeless.  We are proud of this welcome and we continue  to be a hospitable place for these people. We welcome a variety of other Christians who have found with us a place of beauty,  both liturgically and musically,  and who are in search of a truly open church.  We also offer an urban oasis for those who seek a holy place,  quietly,  or in the presence of music.  All are welcome.

We continue to offer a well-prepared variety of beautiful music within our liturgies. The musical range runs the gamut of early church music to contemporary pieces,  to American shape note music and grand anthems.

We invite you to join us as  we head together into the 21st century and our next years of  service.  We understand that urban ministry is always one of presence and listening.  Join us as we listen anew in our local neighborhood and far beyond. You are truly welcome at  St. John’s,  Bowdoin  Street.

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