Sermon B 13 Pentecost 16 Proper 26 August 2012

1 Kg 8: [1,6,10-11] 22–30, 41– 43; Ps 84; Eph 6:10–20; JN 6: 56–69

Happy are we who dwell in your house! We will always be praising you! O Lord of hosts, happy are we who put our trust in you. AMEN.

Today we have another facet of John’s Bread of Life discourse in this Mark year. This week, this phrase leapt out at me. “It is the spirit that gives life; the flesh is useless.” The week was filled with men discussing again—in political situations—what women should or may do with their own bodies, and with our deep sadness for Michael Harnois’ death. While our flesh is often a burden, I don’t it has to be named “useless” too. “Bah,” I say, and “fie.” So much bad theology has risen from that sentence and thought, and yet it cannot be God’s attitude, intention, or way, or why bother with Creation at all? God created people in God’s own image, and saw that it was good. That’s our elemental reality and our place to start; flesh was proclaimed as both made in God’s own image and as good.

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